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General Cargo Ships

  1. General Cargo Ships are easily identified by the cranes on their back.

  2. General Cargo Ships carry everything from cut timber to heavy machinery.

  3. The most abundant ship out there; General Cargo Ships make up 20% of the world fleet.


Specialized Cargo Ships

  1. Specialized Cargo Ships carry extremely heavy loads and unusually shaped cargo, such as smaller ships, oil rigs, or building structures.

  2. They usually have cranes and flat decks to support large objects. Some Specialized Cargo Chips may even submerge themselves underwater to carry their cargo.

  3. Specialized Cargo Ships make up only a very small 0.3% of the world fleet.


Container Ships

  1. Container Ships are large, long ships that are specifically designed for carrying their cargo in containers.

  2. The containers are intermodal, meaning they can be transported by different modes of transportation, like via ship or truck.

  3. The containers hold things such as clothing, textiles, food products, and electronics safely inside them.

  4. Container Ships make up 6% of the world fleet.


Ro-Ro Cargo Ships

  1. “Ro-Ro” stands for Roll-on/Roll-off.

  2. Ro-Ro’s Cargo Ships transport cars, trailers, trucks, and even train cars.

  3. Ro-Ro’s travel far distances around the world and are very large.

  4. Ro-Ro Cargo Ships up 1.8% of the world fleet.


Liquid Bulk Tankers

  1. Liquid Bulk Tankers carry liquid chemicals or oil in large amounts.

  2. Because Liquid Bulk Tankers usually carry flammable liquids, there are “NO SMOKING” signs every where on board to ensure safety of the crew and cargo.

  3. Liquid Bulk Tankers contain large tanks below deck that store tens of thousands of gallons of liquid.

  4. Liquid Bulk Tankers make up 14.7% of the world fleet.



  1. Tug Boats are the most important vessels in near-shore operations because they assist larger ships, such as Container Ships or Ro-Ros, move in tight spaces.

  2. Tug Boats help large ships dock safely and prevent accidents in ports by tugging them or pushing them in the right direction.

  3. Due to the importance of Tug Boats, they make up almost 20% of the world fleet.

There are so many types of ships… too many to count! They all serve different purposes and carry different goods.

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